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Rachel Neville Is a New York City-Based Dance And Movement Photographer

Rachel creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dancers,  dance companies, and editorial publications that are designed to stop viewers and captivate their imaginations.. A multi-talented artist who utilizes the medium of photography, Rachel is a former dancer and teacher. Her images are informed as much from her dance history as they are from her innate creative vision and her clients visual needs.


In today’s competitive dance landscape, visually standing out is paramount. Beyond its role in securing coveted auditions, your online presence plays a pivotal role in propelling your career forward. The keys to success lie in exceptional technique, graceful lines, a vibrant personality, and dynamic energy. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about authentically expressing yourself and letting your passion for movement shine.

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Rachel collaborates with dance companies across the United States, creating compelling images that serve as a cornerstone for their marketing and growth strategies.

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Experience personalized and intimate learning sessions with Rachel at her Long Island City studio. Reinvigorate your work, boost your confidence, and craft images with purpose and precision. These intensive sessions are tailored to address your specific needs, propelling both your work and business forward.

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Meet Rachel Neville, the driving force behind our studio. With a passion for both dance and photography, Rachel has dedicated over two decades to perfecting the art of capturing the essence of dancers. Her expertise has been sought by more than 15,000 dancers, top-tier ballet and contemporary companies, and renowned dancewear brands. Rachel’s keen eye and commitment to showcasing the individuality of each artist make her an unparalleled guide in bringing your dance story to life through the lens.

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