Video Shoot

Career Moves - Transformative Content

Video is an indispensable career tool for dancers. Dance companies are now producing video specific work, auditions are all screened through photos and video, and every potential collaborator will be researching you on your social feeds. Showing yourself in motion is now a major key to succes in a performer’s career, becoming more and more important by the day…

We work to pull out your emotions, grit, strength, and spirit encapsulated in 5, 10 and 30 second clips, Catapult your content forward, transform your reels, level up your social feeds and website.

Creative Videos:

Bringing our proprietary methods of translating 3 dimensional movement into the 2 dimentional realm of a screen, we work with our clients to create exceptionally produced motion clips that highlight your technical strengths, creative energy, and love of movement. Add in the elements of a creative shoot, with choreographed camera movements, beautiful close ups, lighting design, creative editing, and we are making magic that will be viewed over and over again on repeat.

Audition Videos:

Our audition videos are coached and filmed by Rachel and Andrew, who were former professional dancers with years of coaching experience, to get you noticed by the school or company of your choice. Lit and shot for clarity, we focus on camera angels that highlight your lines and strengths. Variations are rehearsed and blocked for the camera, allowing you to have full confidence in what you are presenting. We offer video hosting for your ease of submissions.