4 Audition Tips to Do Right Now

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Gianna Nicoline

1. Continue your research and deepen it.

Look at youtube videos of  dance companies and think about why you would like to work for those companies (beyond just wanting to land a dance job).

Write down your reasons on a chart or spread sheet. This makes great content for a quick email to each of the companies when you need to ask for information and when you are sending them your materials.

2. Get in the right mindset.

When you are researching, look for all the positives of the company: look for its vision to see if you can see what the company’s goals are. Don’t spend time knocking the companies down (you know what I’m talking about, I did it too, 20 years ago, the ‘omg look at her sickled foot’ or ‘ the corps is not together’ comments).

Spend your energy in a positive way, looking for the good. Everyone has bad days and not every performance or piece out there is the most spectacular. Move your mindset toward being a supportive team player. We are all out to move our industry forward. It is much more empowering and easier to do collectively.

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Gianna Nicoline

3. Use the above information to start thinking about what pieces of choreography or variations you should prepare for your videos and to make style notes for your photographs.

What type of work is going to suit your technique and personality.  What do you have to offer that your target companies will appreciated? You do not want to send in hip-hop-based contemporary pieces to a classical company, nor do you want to send in an Aurora or Esmerelda variation to a Complexions type company. Yes, these are extreme examples but you get the idea..

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Gianna Nicoline

4. Think about what you, as a dancer, have to offer dance companies.

What are your strengths? Why would a dance company want to hire you over the next dancer?

If you don’t know, this is a topic we will cover extensively in our simmer workshops for dancers getting ready to launch their careers.  Sign up now.

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