4 Tips for Dancers: Better Poses, Better Movement in Photos

Make your Images Sing at Every Photo Shoot

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Let’s get right to it so that the next time you have a dance photo shoot you can use these tips to get the shots you want from your dance photographer.
Dance Photo Tip #1: Know who you are targeting.  Make sure you understand the purpose of your your images.  Knowing the purpose sets the tone for the style, poses, movement and the feeling that you aim for.

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Dance Photo Tip #2: Find your angle.  Some shapes shoot better straight to the side, others need a slight turn, still others are better on a full croise alignment. Small adjustments in the angle can make a big difference so experiment here.

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Dance Photo Tip 3: A good movement begins trenbolone for sale and ends with an excellent supporting leg.  Find your angle and then begin with placing your supporting leg where you want it so that the rest of your body flows up from it.

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Dance Tip #4: Make sure that your effort doesn’t show through on your face or neck.  Try your movement many times until you get the physicality right, then you should be able to let go and shine through your movement.

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Are you – and your poses – ready?  Reach out now and we’ll schedule a shoot!

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