A Dancer Workshop So Great, We're Having Another!

The first session of the Auditioning and Marketing Workshop for Dancers this past weekend was a huge success, with dancers from NY and LA prepared to take on the upcoming dance audition year with confidence and determination.


At the Workshop, we talked shared important business information, social media planning tips and “How To” help on images, resumes and videos.  Together as a group, we worked on dancers’ potential ‘weak spots.’ We discussed overcoming shyness, particularly in an audition scenario, how to embrace mentoring as a tool for building a successful career from the start.  We looked at support and overall mental preparation was a key features in the process.
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Jake Casey
I was glad to tackle these topics with dancers.  My own deficits and growth in these areas over the last 15 years have made it clear to me that we can achieve anything we want when we make space for success in our own minds, with the right tools and the right individuals to support, challenge and grow with us.

New Workshop Announced for San Francisco

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I’m coming to San Francisco and I’m bringing my Marketing for Auditioning Dancers Workshop with me, August 21-25!
Contact for details and reserve your spot now!
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