Audition Photo Shoot: How to Find the Right Lines for your Body

So wow, where did the time fly this summer? For the first time I am getting my 4-year-old ready for her first day of Pre-K. We are indeed in the back to school (or really just preparing for school) mode in my house.

Which then turns my attention to my clients; many are back to work/back to school already. While I’m not quite ready to mourn the loss of summer, and indeed have the studio celebration party coming up next week (hope to see you there!), it’s time to start preparing for the year and seasons ahead.

I had the pleasure of  giving audition preparation workshops over the summer on two topics, both of which are important to remember as we head into the fall.  The first dancer workshop I led was on marketing.  My second dancer workshop was on auditioning.  I talked about audition tips for dancers, as well as the essentials of how dancers can work more effectively with a dance  photographer.
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For a rundown of some of the tips I covered in the dancer workshops on marketing and audition prep, sign up for my mailing list.

I’m planning on hosting a more comprehensive 1/2 day workshop in November, with even more information that dancers need.  Space will be limited so drop me a line if you’d like me to reserve an advance spot!

In the short term, over the next few weeks, I’ll be starting up the dance audition photo posts again.  Right now, let’s start with a quick tip session on how to find the right lines for your body in an audition photoshoot.

Just like almost every face has a better ‘side’, every body has lines that work better or more easily.  If you are not quite sure which lines work best for your body, these tips will help you find them.

1) Look at the general movements/shapes/poses that you want to work with
dancer jumping male white tights athletic poses for audition photos Rachel Neville
Now, look for the shapes that you have not only the most ease and flexibility in, but where you find that your body has the most ‘twist’ or spinal rotation in.  Many a great poses is not quite fully actualized until the dancer is able to twist his/her body slightly beyond what they thought they could.  Remember, images are shown in 2D not 3D!

2) In each pose, start by looking at the line of the individual body part.
yumiko purple leotard contrast stripe dance audition photos rachel neville
Ask yourself What angle does my foot look best at?  What angle do my hands have the nicest line in?  Try out different angles in the mirror, changing your alignment by small degrees to find what you think works best.  This may change slightly for the camera but it will help you to start closer to the finish line.

3) For contemporary dancers, don’t forget to analyse the negative space your body is creating in a shape
contemporary dance best angles for audition photos rachel neville audition photos nyc
Sometimes, the negative space becomes more a part of the picture than you think!

4) Analyse analyse analyse in your next shoot!
spaghetti strap leotard blush pink ballet pink rachel neville nyc dance photographer
And do NOT be afraid to try a few different angles (starting with small degrees of change) to find the best one for each pose!
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