Audition Photo Tips: Getting Prints Made from Files

We have talked a lot about how to take great audition photos.  It’s also important to make sure once you have the photo files that you make smart choices about printing them so they don’t lose their quality, their impact on directors and their ability to help you get the work you want.
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As part of our Tips for Great Audition Photos Series, we put together this list of tips for printing your photos.  These same rules apply to all professional photos that you have taken.
4 Tips for Printing Audition Photos:
1. Get it done professionally.  Avoid the big box store if you can.  Big box stores simply don’t deal in the level of detail that you are going to need, plus finding a local, quality print shop means you are supporting a local business.  If you don’t have access to a small professional shop, make sure that wherever you go, you ask to see a proof and make sure the printer knows that he/she is limited in their options and solutions.  A dedicated print shop in a larger store offers multiple print methods, a good array of paper options and most importantly, they have experience printing professional quality work.
If you are not near a print shop, consider online options, but make sure you know what you are getting.  You can get good results from or
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2. Ask to see a proof.  Most printers are happy to provide a proof prior to printing- and be sure to point out concerns with the look of the photo.  That is after all the point of the proof.  The photos you receive from a professional are print ready, which means they do not require any changes or adjustments so if you use an online service and the services does not make any changes or adjustments, it should come out fine.
3. Decide whether you want matte (non glossy) glossy, or my favorite, luster finish.  Matte has no glare which can be great and it provides a soft timeless effect to a photo. Glossy brings out a lot more detail but shows fingerprints and glare.  The one you should use most often is luster, it has all the benefits of matte, no fingerprints or glare, with all the detail of glossy.  Luster should be used most often but it is good to know the look you’re going for and what paper types get you there.
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4. Get a guy, or gal.  Most print shop people are professional, polite and very well versed in the art of printing.  Be polite and ask for the card of someone you like, establish a rapport.  Many people who work in print shops are well trained professionals who pay attention to the art of their work.  The better the relationship, the easier it will to be get work done in the future.  Sometimes it’s much easier to bring up an objection to someone you know like and trust, and that can help you get the best results for your audition photos.

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This is a post in our series, Everything Dancers Need to Know About Audition Photos.  Read the first installment.

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