Audition Photoshoots


Are You Ready For Your Auditions?

Your passion for hard work, determination, and many long hours in the studio got you this far in your dancing.

As a team of former dancers, we know how important this photoshoot is to you.

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Audition Season Is Just Around The Corner…

Whether you are focused on a professional career, applying to universities, or planning for your next summer intensive, an outstanding photoshoot sets you up for success.

It goes beyond having images you'll actually be excited to use!

A well crafted shoot, where you can truly celebrate your strengths and work on your challenges, builds a level of momentum and confidence that often has our clients really go that extra mile and realize their goals.

90% of all dancers start off by saying: "I just want to look good", "I’m worried I don’t take great dance photos" or “I don’t know what poses will look good on me”.

We promise you that you will. This is what we do, every day.

Through our proprietary methods of coaching, posing, and lighting dancers, not only will your fullest technical ability shine, but your energy and love of dance will too.

“Excellent audition materials are not a luxury, but a necessity. All companies, colleges, and schools are pre-screening dancers through their photographs and videos. It’s imperative that you show your technique at its strongest, but it’s just as important to give them a sense of your personality, energy, and movement dynamics” - Rachel Neville

“An investment in quality marketing materials is an indication to directors that you take the process seriously, that you are ready for a job, ready to work to help bring their vision to life” - Andrew Fassbender

Joe Dichter BTS 38