Audition Photoshoots

Audition season is always just around the corner...

Congratulations on arriving at this stage in your dance training/career! We applaud your hard work, determination, and sacrifice (not to mention time and money) that got you this far.

The excitement, nerves, and anxiety of the auditioning process can be overwhelming for both dancers and families; we are here to help! We are passionate about every dancer feeling confident and prepared for the next steps in their marketing and auditioning process.

So many dancers we work with start off by saying: "I just want to look good" or "I don’t take great dance photos" - We promise you that you will. This is not something that happens by chance, or by the luck of "the perfect feet and leg gods".  Through our proprietary methods of coaching, posing, and lighting dancers coupled with Rachel and Andrew's history as professional dancers and teachers, we promise that you will look your absolute best in your images while your technique shines through with the fullest integrity.

Excellent audition materials are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. More and more companies and schools are pre-screening dancers through their photographs. It’s imperative that you show your technique at its strongest, but also just as important, your personality, energy, and dynamics.

An investment in quality marketing materials that go the extra mile, indicating to directors that you take the process seriously, that you are ready for a job, ready to work to bring their vision to life.

11.23.19 Isabella Long SMP.188

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12.10.18.Paige RusselSC-0518

We won't stop until you walk away with images that show you at your personal best! That is our commitment to your success!

The Process

Over many years of dancing, teaching, and shooting thousands of dancers, we have developed a proprietary method of translating the 3 dimensional movement of dance into the 2 dimensional space of a photo or print.

By the end of the shoot you will:


  • Know what poses and angles, and leotards work best on your body.


  • Know how to most effectively pose in front of the camera through what we colloquially call: "Rachel's Rules".


  • Feel 100% confident in your audition images and be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to NAIL your auditions!
Andrew Headshot 2020

All of our audition photoshoots are shot by Andrew Fassbender. In addition to a 15 year professional career, 10 of which were spent at Tulsa Ballet, Andrew has also taught and coached ballet at the pre-professional and professional level all over the country. His vision for coaching, and working with dancers is synonymous with Rachel’s. As such, in 2016 she hand-picked and trained Andrew to be her second shooter and studio director. His attention to detail, mastery of Rachel’s proprietary methods, and ability to coach dancers on a physical, psychological, and emotional level is unparalleled. To read Andrew's full bio click here.

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