I am a dancer and I am grateful

I can’t imagine I am the only one who took dance—everything about it—for granted. Sure, I miss performing, I miss taking dance class with my friends, and I miss dressing up to go to the theater every once in a while. But on a deeper level, I miss the magic of dance as a live … Read more

I am a dancer and I have work to do

Back in April we talked a lot about personal branding—honing in on what you value and letting that inform and inspire how you show up in the world (on stage, online, and everywhere in between). For Georgina Pazcoguin (aka “The Rogue Ballerina”), her advocacy and creativity off the stage make as much of an impact … Read more

I am a dancer and I do more than dance

In the corporate world, working from home has inspired a fascinating idea…Does the 40-hour in-office work week really equate to success and efficiency? Turns out, people work best when they have control over their schedules—that means more flexibility, greater work-life balance, and less adherence to the hustle mentality.  What could this mean for the dancer? … Read more

I am a dancer and I am resilient

We are resilient AF. We will set up for morning ballet barre at our kitchen counter, choreograph full out combinations in our bedroom, and teach to a Brady Bunch-like computer screen of tiny Zoom boxes. Nothing—we repeat, nothing—will keep us from dancing.  In early March 2020, Lizz Picini was teaching weekly sold-out theater classes at … Read more

I am a dancer and…

Oh no, not another blog about the pandemic… Wait! Hear us out – This one is different!   Back in March we took the topic head on, finally putting into words the pandemic’s effect on our industry, on our psyche, and on our hearts. The landscape is ever-changing and the future is still so uncertain. … Read more

Overcoming the hustle emotionally

Megan Levinson has been a Radio City Rockette for over 10 years. Being a Rockette is not all candy canes and rhinestones. The job demands incredible physical, mental, and emotional strength. In addition to Radio City, She has had the opportunity to work with, workshop and perform Mia Michaels choreography. Megan’s other credits include performing … Read more

Overcoming the hustle mentally

By guest blogger, Jess Spinner (The Whole Dancer) Getting back to dance after the summer break or time off — it’s normal to feel like you have to go full force. There’s a pressure to get back to peak performance instantly. But it takes time. It’s so important to give yourself time to support yourself … Read more

Overcoming the hustle physically

Do the hustle! Do do do do do do do do do! Do do do do do do do do do! Stop! Abort mission!   Burnout is the state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress (aka the hustle). Burnout can manifest physically—often with symptoms that we might write off … Read more

I’m addicted to the hustle

“Hello. My name is Mary and I’m addicted to the hustle.”  The what?  The hustle. The grind. The supposed “life of an artist.”    You know what I’m talking about…It’s the: waking up early to line up for an audition, taking 3 dance classes back-to-back-to-back, only having time to grab a Cliff bar and a … Read more

Becoming a ‘better’ dancer: Make an impact

All that you’re doing inside and outside the studio to learn, grow, and transform as a dancer translates to your ever-evolving brand. Your brand is who you are, what you value, and where you aspire to go in your life and career. As you take classes in new genres, get back to attending live performances, … Read more