Audition Video Tips!

Hey Dancers! Audition season will soon be upon us! Are you prepared with updated materials that represent your artistry, technique, and range? We know that filming an audition video can be frustrating and take more time than you expect. Often, you have to recruit another person to help with filming and even then, you don’t … Read more

How I Got The Shot: Paloma Garcia-Lee

Photo of dancer Paloma Garcia-Lee in a black bra and cage skirt by Photographer Rachel Neville

Happy Spring everybody!  Spring… the season of rebirth!  Spring is always such a fun and refreshing time at the studio.  We’re booked solid with super fun creative and portfolio building shoots.  One of which in particular I thought that you guys would be super stoked on! We had the absolutely stunning gorgeous angel of a … Read more

Performance Psychology in Dance

Fine art nude photograph of male dancer Nikolas Chen on box in black and white by Rachel Neville Photography

How awesome is this? We got an anonymous submission by a fellow member in the community. This is such an important topic in our current dance world, and we love that people are starting the conversation on the matter. Becoming a professional isn’t only about the technique, talent, and tricks. It’s also very much so, … Read more