Big Reveal… My New NYC Photography Studio is Open!

I’m excited to share some news with you!

The last 3 months, in the luxurious heat of this New York City summer, my team and I have been busy building a gorgeous new studio for us all to shoot in, custom designed for dancers, dance companies, yoga, aerial and fitness professionals alike. And… it’s… finally ready!!

fitness photography studio in nyc rachel neville nyc fitness photographer

My new photography studio is just 10 minutes from NYC’s Grand Central Station and I can’t wait for everyone to experience what we’ve been putting together for you.

The last several years of shooting in different spaces were an excellent experience.  Working as a NYC photographer in multiple studio locations, I knew exactly what I wanted (and didn’t want) when it came to building my own studio space. With the help of the wonderful team at PSI Contractors (can’t say enough good things about them by the way), we tore down walls and ceilings, re-designed and configured, constructed an 8 foot long makeup area to accommodate several people at once, put a sprung floor into the cyc, added a secured attachment into the joists for aerial work, and the list goes on!

custom designed photography studio for dancers and fitness pros rachel neville photography nyc long island city

I can’t wait for you to come shoot and experience working in a space that is custom designed for you! The quality of the available light is just amazing for headshots and other creative work, the 18′ wide cyc affords the ability to configure lights and backgrounds with ease and mobility.  The studio’s sprung floor easy on the joints and the bathrooms and changing area right in the studio (we have two, actually).. All I can say is.. Yes!  And I know you will, too.

dance photography in new york city rachel neville dance photographer nyc studio

And with the extra storage space in the new photography studio, I now have room to build up my prop and costume closet. When you book your appointment be sure to ask about the extras that we have access to.  I am also happy to accept costumes and props that you are ready to donate!

Here’s a little sampling if what we’ve done in the studio so far.  Contact us today to set up your shoot and discover what kind of experience our new studio space will help create for you.

photography studio shots fitness dance aerial capabilities in photo studio nyc

Gianna Caridi, aerial photo Rachel Neville

dance concept shots light pas de deux red leotard pointe shoe

Adrian Blake Mitchell and Sarah Tryon in studio photo, Rachel Neville

dance headshots rachel neville studio headshots for dance and yoga

Yuritzi Govea, in studio headshot Rachel Neville

backgrounds for dance studio photo shoots

Jessica Kinnaman

Come check it out for yourself!  Can’t wait to see you in the studio.

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