Branding: Get Started

Okay, let’s get down to business! How exactly can we help you make your brand a reality? 

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In our creative shoots, the goal is not only to provide you with beautiful dance photography for your Instagram page or personal website. This is the first step in cultivating your brand, and we strive to empower artists to take control over their careers’ profitability and sustainability.

Dancers bring beauty, training, creativity, heart, and soul to every audition, every rehearsal, every performance, and every aspect of their daily lives. But what’s the one thing that gets stolen from them again and again as artists? Their POWER.

As we’ve been talking about all month (with insight from professional ballerina Nikita Boris and top dance agent Lucille Di Campli), cultivating your brand can help you network, connect with new and lucrative opportunities, manifest your dreams, and rekindle your sense of purpose. #goals, right?

Historically, dancers have depended on artistic directors, choreographers, casting directors, company administrators, and marketers to give them the opportunity to advance their careers…

What if dancers had the power to command opportunities?

With a transcendent social media campaign, dancers can achieve substantial social media followings that give them the power to create their own opportunities. Whether you dream of more teaching jobs, brand ambassadorships, commercial gigs, or photoshoots, branding can help get you there. Bottom line: A strategically planned social media presence can produce a powerful return on the investment you have made in your dance career.

As former dancers, dance teachers, and strong advocates for the future of dance, Rachel Neville and Andrew Fassbender work personally with each client to design a photoshoot that represents them as an individual artist—with unique experiences, talents, aesthetics, and aspirations. Authenticity is the key to any branding initiative and we live for the opportunity to get to know, collaborate with, and showcase each dancer that enters the studio.

For some dancers, the objective is striving for more roles that allow them to show off their immense power and emotional range. For others, it means helping them become audience magnets that increase ticket sales. For many, social media is a tool to expand their portfolio of revenue sources into modeling, acting, brand influencing, and more so that they continue to discover what’s possible in their artistic careers.

After 10 years of effort and more than $100,000 invested to train a dancer, it should not be either ‘you get the lead roles or you go to law school.’ And in our current world, it should not be that your career disappears if (or, rather, when—as we experienced this past year) schools, theaters, and Broadway go dark. 

If dance, art, and expression are your true calling, we will work with you as you start to build a path of personal and financial growth that stays true to your heart and ambitions and adapts with our ever-changing world.

Take this as your sign…This is your chance to really STAND OUT! 

Creative shoots give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight the forms of your artistry that set you apart.

Through our proprietary process of posing, coaching, and lighting dancers, we help to create the vision you have of yourself as you build your career and start your branding as a dance professional. But perhaps just as important, creative shoots get you noticed, increase your followers, and help you gain more traction on social media. Our goals center around helping you move your career forward, ultimately finding a return on your years of investment and hard work.

Feeling excited but overwhelmed? That’s totally normal! We start every large creative shoot with an exploratory questionnaire or call where we get to know you and work together to design a creative shoot that caters to the true essence of YOU. Collaborating and combining visions for a unique shot while showcasing the dancer’s personality and highlighting their technical strengths is our favorite thing to do!

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re so eager to work with you as you embark on your own personal branding journey and reignite your sense of purpose and power. 

Schedule a call with us and let’s dive in—together!



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