Break in the Storm

Danny Soto, now appearing in FELA

This past weekend, during our hurricane-induced days off I spent some time looking back at the archives and doing some much needed file organizing and backing up.

Paula Rivera, now dancing with Momix

I got a chance to go back over the last couple of years of images and pulled some of my favorites to send off to a few clients as a thank you for their time, support and patronage.

Christina Schifano, now dancing with the Colorado Ballet

I also had the luxury of catching up on a few blogs that I follow- much to see in some of my favorites:

Dance Bloggers

The Winger

Wet Paint

Daniil Simkin

Oberon’s Grove

Reading Dance

Paulo Coelho

Tonya Plank

Ursula Verduzco, Curator of Latin Choreographers Festival

Sometimes putting everything else on hold allows us to enjoy our work, our friends and our experiences fully.  This fall, pick a day, even a sunny day, to stop, sit and see what happens…

Jeroboam Bozeman, now dancing with Philadanco Dance Company
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