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I’ve been working with some fitness professionals recently on their marketing materials.  We have been designing marketing pieces from the ground up and I just love starting the process off with trainers who come to me in the beginning stages.  It gives us the opportunity to start branding them without clutter, right from the start.

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Candace was one such trainer and we had such a blast coming up with her new look.  Candace has a dancer/gyrotonic background so we really wanted to show the energy, passion and skill set she brings to her private clients.  Her target market is professionals in their mid 30 – 50’s, mostly women.  Many of Candace’s clients want a fun workout experience that is not intimidating.  They want a workout that is energizing and body-aware at the same time.  
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As Candace and I were talking about her image and fitness marketing, we both started thinking in the warm tones, and finally decided on a bold orange color for her color theme.  Though we shot many different options,  in all of her images you really know who she is for her clients right away: bright, bold, fun and professional.
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Do your images show clients who YOU are?

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Marketing images are powerful and successful when they tell your clients who you are.

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Contact me to discuss how to make your images work as hard as you do and tell your clients what they need to know.

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