Bringing the World to the Latin Choreographers Festival

Ursula Verduzco, dancer/choreographer and founder of the Latin Choreographers Festival and I were having a chat the other day about the upcoming  annual  festival; this is its fourth year.

She was mentioning that applications were starting to come in from several different countries and that she was very excited about this year’s prospects.

She did, however, share that there was not much awareness from the non-latin choreographers out there about the festival; every year she selects 1 non-latin choreographer (last year it was C.Eule Dance) to be a part of the show.

How can we raise awareness of this so that her applications would reach a larger draw?  Well, we started talking and of course the social media platform was the first thought… facebook seems to be the platform for getting the word out about anything really now, but we decide that good ol’ fashiond word of mouth might be best.

So here I am, in my little part of the NYC dance community, getting the word out!

The fesitval “proudly present[s] the work of established, rising and new talented choreographers from NYC and abroad.”  It provides a forum for choreographers to “show their work to an audience that will benefit from the experience of seeing different kinds of work and points of view from artists of various Latin backgrounds… through concert dance and the styles of Contemporary Ballet, Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance.”

Choreographers from Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Spain have all come together for the Latin Choreographers Festival.  Past participants have included Benjamin Briones Ballet, exit12 Dance Company and Pedro Ruiz.

Check out the Latin Choreographers Festival at Baruch Performing Arts Center from August 4-6.  And if you are a choreographer, send in those applications!

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