Broadening Your Horizons

Auditions are stressful enough as it is. But adding in the prospect of putting ourselves out there overseas is even more daunting. We are very fortunate in the States to have the dance scene that we do. But it can be easy to get stuck in the bubble and neglect the possibilities abroad, especially in Europe.

Dancing abroad has become more accessible, but there are many things to consider, and we often get dancers asking how to go about auditioning in Europe and what to prepare for. In the new year, I am so excited to share some of the key elements of auditioning and working abroad!

We’ll discuss the questions and topics that come up most frequently including:

  • How auditioning in Europe differs from auditioning in the States
  • How to put together an itinerary for audition travels
  • What materials you might need to include
  • Benefits of the dance scene in Europe
  • Seeking the opportunities that interest you
  • Questions to ask artistic directors about moving, contracts, etc.

Though it may seem intimidating to travel to a different country and put yourself out there, it can also be a wonderful learning experience and may come to pay off. These topics and more are all in the works as we enter a new year and another audition season, so we encourage you to keep a close eye on what we’ve got up our sleeves.


Robyn Jutsum

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