Call for Dancers: Leotard Buying Guide Photo Shoot in Brooklyn, NY

For the last few weeks I’ve been starting work on a new, much more extensive Leotard Buying Guide.

Over the last several years I’ve realized that I spend a significant amount of time with my clients talking about leotard styles, colors and what looks best for their individual body shape/type.

nyc dance photographer rachel neville leotard tips for dancers

We talk about what to wear and what works well for company auditions, too.  When I go through this process with my dancer clients, I’m able to help them them find a confidence in looking their best that translates into less anxiety, more easy photographs that really show them to their best advantage.  This sets the stage for a confident audition season, and launches them to market themselves properly.

I’ve touched base with all the major dance wear companies including Bloch/Mirella,  Grishko, Yumiko, Danskin and SoDanca, and they have responded positively.  Now it’s time search out pre-professional and professional dancers of all shapes to participate in a fun day of trying on a really large number of styles and shapes for their body types.

Dancers: Leotard Buying Guide Photo Shoot

Audition Photo Tips What to Wear Rachel Neville Photography

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in the Leotard Buying Guide photo shoot in Brooklyn, NY, on October 6th or 13th, please drop me a line.  If you are interested in receiving the Guide, sign up here.
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