Catch the Rush: Multi City Photo Shoot Prep #2

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Like anything else, the more preparation that goes into a photographic project the better the results turn out. I occasionally have clients that call or email looking for pricing information long before they even begin the “preparation process.” I wonder why they do this.

Do they have experience with other shooters who simply answer the phone, book the appointment and give them a price before asking why the client needs new images?

One thing I do know for sure, the more preparation you put into your photoshoot, the less likely you are to look like that four-year-old standing on the stage crying (hehe… I’m sure that was many of us at some point!)

From here it’s a race to the finish (in my case shooting) line: brainstorming or story boarding additional ideas, looking at what it takes to accomplish everything and putting it all together.  For me, this takes the form of lists, lists, lists (I get that system from my mother…).

What gear do I need? What backup gear? What support people need to be involved and organized?  I need to revise and revise the revised schedule, book transportation/travel, rent gear… You get the idea. At this point, I usually think “wouldn’t it be great to be one of the top photographers, you know, who have household names and production people to do all this for them?”

But really, it wouldn’t… I like getting my hands on the whole of the process.

The more involved I can be from the beginning, the more I can get clients exactly what they need.  And get them as excited about the project as I am- adrenaline rushes, after all, can be contagious!

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