Creating Narrative Images: Betrayal By Rachel Neville

The idea for the Betrayal image came to me one morning more as a video idea around a personal incident in my life.  What woman hasn’t been frustrated to the extreme by her significant other, and what fantasies we create in our heads to deal with the frustration?
A few weeks later, I was shooting a commercial shoot for Averyboardman (a company that custom designs sofas and sofa beds) and, boom, there was this new couch.  It was the couch from my imagination!
Narrative photography Rachel neville
New York City Ballet dancers 
Preston Chamblee and  Jackie Bologna Photo Rachel Neville
So of course we pulled in a favor and asked to borrow it, and called in Preston Chamblee and  Jackie Bologna of New York City Ballet for the shoot.
I can’t tell you what fun it was to work up ideas with the two of them that ran a little macabre with a love story – and a knife!
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