Creative Shoots

This is your chance to really STAND OUT! Creative shoots give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight the forms of your artistry that set you apart.

12.20.19 Jared Klegar_0927

We think of creative shoots as a way to have fun while showcasing the dancer’s talents in an eye catching way. Really, that is just the tip of the iceberg. These images can boost your confidence, showcase your personality, and highlight the qualities of your artistry that make you unique and stand out amongst the crowd.

Through our proprietary process of posing, coaching, and lighting dancers we help to create the vision you have of yourself as you build your career and start your branding as a dance professional. But perhaps just as important, creative shoots get you noticed, increase your followers, and help you gain more traction on social media. Our goals center around helping you move your career forward, ultimately finding a return on your years of investment and hard work.

Where do we start? 
With inspiration of course!

We treat creativity like a muscle. A muscle that we exercise every day.  Looking through magazines, scrolling on Instagram, seeking textures and patterns found in nature, museums, and subway posters.  Through conversations with our clients about their lives and experiences, we cater your images to the true essence of YOU.  Collaborating and combining visions for a unique shot while showcasing the dancer’s personality and highlighting their technical strengths is our favorite thing to do!

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