Creative Marketing Videos

Creative Marketing Videos

Video is now an integral part of a dancer’s world

Video is now an integral part of a dancer’s world

For Marketing

Instagram and social media has made excellent quality photographs and videos a key player in having a successful career, there’s no doubt about it. Our clients have found over and over again that really fantastic materials coupled with consistent posting has lead to increased visibility, ambassadorships, influencer gigs, paid photo shoots, and so much more. Learning how to supplement your photos with video is the next step. Not only does it have you stand out when the scrolling starts, but has your audience pause and stay on your content longer. This is so important: it’s one of the “magic” ingredients that the algorithms are looking for when deciding how regularly you’ll come up in your audience’s feed.

In addition to your photos, combining 15, 30, and 60 second videos for your social media feeds and 10 second clips for your stories is a guaranteed way to get you noticed and be seen as the real deal. We want to leave your audience wanting more, and have them continue to check back in on your profile!

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For Auditions

We’re seeing more and more companies and schools requiring submission via photo and video just to get into their auditions.

  • Dancers supplementing their feeds with attention grabbing, high quality video, leads to increased visibility both inside and outside their companies, schools, and social networks.
  • Successfully marketing yourself requires having high quality content to get those contracts, drive your social media traffic, and ultimately move your career forward. You’ve spent years in the studio working hard, now we want to help you get a return on that investment.

Audition season is enough to make the strongest dancer feel weak in the knees! We get it! We’ve been there, too… and survived. Through our experience we can unequivocally say, confidence is everything! It is our primary goal to make sure that you believe in yourself and your abilities and are fully prepared throughout every step of your audition process!

Having audition materials that stand out from the giant pool of hopeful applicants is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every day, more and more schools and companies are pre-screening their audition applicants and following the IAP Guidelines. We make sure to stay on top of the newest trends and criteria required by companies and schools worldwide, ensuring that you have every box checked regarding your application materials.

Are you worried about looking your best in your photos or videos? Dancing on stage and in the studio is MUCH different than dancing for the camera. We are experts here in finessing and facilitating the 3D movement of dance into the 2D space of an image or video. We will make sure you understand how to modify movement and positions to make you look your best for the camera. Need help with coaching, choreographing a class or finding a beautiful studio to shoot in? We’ve got you covered!

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