Dancers Announce Dance Company Contracts – Congratulations to All

We have entered one of my favorite times of year as a dance photographer.  This is the time of year my dancers reach out to me to share the news that they have landed dance contracts.

There is so much joy as my dancers tell me about their new dance jobs and as they share how their audition experiences helped them get where they have been working so hard to go.  It is never lost on me how lucky I am to be able to to work with amazing, passionate artists, dancers who embrace career preparation and marketing and are able to see and to celebrate the results.

At Rachel Neville Photography, we see what I believe is an above-average number of dancers getting professional dance jobs.

Join me in celebrating their successes!

Doria Worden – Apprentice at Madison Ballet
Kristin Cowger – Richmond Ballet
Sarah Minton – Trainee at Richmond Ballet
Sophie Nelson – Corps de Ballet, Carolina Ballet
Amarachi Korie – Apprentice for Ailey II
Gillian Fitz – Bavarian State Ballet

dancers earn jobs to top companies photographer rachel neville

Gillian Fitz, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Taylor Lim – Teatrul de Balet Sibiu
Gloria Benagalia – Houston Ballet

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Gloria Benaglia, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Amanda Valentino – Houston Ballet II
Kellie Fulton – Pennsylvania Ballet II
Daisy Jacobson – Los Angeles Dance Project
Emilia Sandoval – Nashville Ballet II
Amber Ray – Stuttgart Ballet

rachel neville photography audition photos for dance contracts

Amber Ray, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Katherine Duffy – David Palmer’s Rochester Ballet
Virginia Lensi – Apprentice at
Jessica Cobb – Columbia Classical Ballet
ABTScout Inghilterra – Trainee at Richmond Ballet

rachel necille dance photographer audition photos for dance contracts

Scout Inghilterra, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Congratulations, dancers!  Kudos to all of you for your dedication in the studio and for your commitment to launching your dance careers using smart marketing approaches, good research and absolute dedication.

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