Dancers: 3 Tips for Better Headshots

For dancers, actors and executives, a good headshot can make a huge difference.  It is also an investment of time and money, so to prepare for the perfect headshot, make sure that you hire the right photographer and do some homework.

ABT dancer Courtney Lavine dance photographer Rachel Neville

Courtney Lavine, American Ballet Theater headshot by Rachel Neville

This way you will make the most of your head shot photo shoot and you will get exactly the look and feel you need for the dance headshots that make the difference for you.

3 Tips for Taking the Perfect Dance Headshot

Nadege Hottier Artistic Director Premiere Division Rachel Neville photo

Nadege Hottier, Artistic Director Premiere Division headshot Rachel Neville

1.  Think of the adjectives, or descriptors, that describe your unique personality and style. 

We can get a beautiful shot, but if it doesn’t communicate who you are and what you are bringing testosterone cypionate buy, that no one else is, that headshot is not doing its job.

James Pierce Lion King headshot Rachel Neville dance photographer

James A. Pierce III, Lion King headshot by Rachel Neville

2. Remember timing and schedule your photo shoot accordingly

I always remind dancers to to schedule their headshot photo shoot in advance to have enough time for retouching and quality printing before you need to bring them to auditions.

Jackie Bologna New York City Ballet headshot Rachel Neville dance photographer

Jackie Bologna, New York City Ballet headshot by Rachel Neville

3. Talk to your dance photographer about angles, color and lighting

When planning for your headshot with your dance photographer, remember to talk about all the elements that make the headshot powerful.  Talk with your dance headshot photographer about camera angles, background color and lighting.

Dance Theater of Harlem Davon Doane DTH photo Rachel Neville

Davon Doane, Dance Theater of Harlem headshot by Rachel Neville

Every choice you and your photographer make can deliver subtle messages about who you are.  We often shoot dancer headshots right at eye level or slightly above to help project confidence as well as willingness to take direction, both of which dance directors and choreographers are looking for at dance auditions.

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