Dancers, Already Got the Gig? Don't Forget About Marketing

Marketing and visibility for pro dancers. They are so important but so easily left on the side burner.  Dancers often think I’ve got the contract, now it’s time to forget about everything and just dance, right?

Not any more.

There are so many reasons to stay focused on your own marketing once you have, or have had, a contract for awhile.

Dance Marketing is Good for Individual Dancers, their Companies and their Careers

  • Using marketing tools like social media helps you build a following.  Even a small following can help sell tickets to your shows.
  • Your marketing can help build your company’s following.  This is great for ticket sales and interest in your company, and for your career.
  • Putting yourself out there helps dancers get guesting work and to build up a base in a location you may want to do workshops in.
  • Some smart marketing can help you get those extra endorsements or modeling contracts that can come from the least expected places

dancer pointe shoes bare legs contemporary dance photos brown

 Contemporary Dancer Ashley Mayeaux, Photo by Rachel Neville

Marketing Tip for Dancers:

Getting involved in social media to share and market you and your work is just the tip of the iceberg and we will continue to provide you advice on how to use the tools you already use to promote your career, support your company and find new opportunities to flourish.  In the meantime, remember to use the social media sites you already love (Insta, Facebook, Twitter… pick your favorite) and start sharing in your story, your photos, shout outs to friends and fellow company members.  Marketing on social media should feel natural, so start where you’re comfortable.  And don’t forget to use and share the professional images you had created for your auditions and your book.

It Really Works!  Dancer Ashley Mayeaux Shares Her Marketing Success Story

Recently, Ashley Mayeaux, one of my dance photography clients, sent me an email. We had done a creative shoot before Christmas (see some of the highlights in the video below). Ashley said in the email that she had gotten so much mileage out of one of the photos we had done.  Just that one photo, that she and I had shared, was giving her more visibility more attention than she had ever thought.

I had found some interesting packing material I had wanted to use for a ‘bodice’ and had coached her into a really great 180, focusing on getting the energy of her body to really translate while maintaining her supporting leg rotation. That shot seemed to go around and around social media. It not only gave her visibility, it gave her access to a larger audience.  Complexions Dance, after seeing the photo on Instagram, asked us if they could use it as a poster.  High praise for Ashley indeed!

Ashley’s story is a great way to understand what’s next after you get the job, how you need to be thinking about marketing yourself as a professional dancer and how you can increase your visibility and your career opportunities with just a little focus on sharing the great things you are already doing.

Follow here on the blog for more information as we cover more on this topic, offer tips, share advice and bring you more success stories and opportunities to share.

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