Dancers are using these pointers to get auditions

Are you over that nutcracker music yet? Only 3 more weeks! But after that, we know that auditions come up pretty quickly, and we want to make sure you aromasin italia have confidence in your process and career path! We are always working towards those goals for you here at RNP, and we are excited to announce that we now have a Junior photographer, Andrew Fassbender! We are so committed to all dancers having what they need for the audition season that we wanted to make sure that we have something for all budget ranges, so Andrew is handling our “budget” audition photo shoots! Andy was a professional dancer with Tulsa Ballet, and he’s been training with me for about 2 years. I’m confident that he will be able to help those that need a quality but wallet-friendly option for their marketing!

We also wanted to share some tips that we have been coming up with in our studio this year!  It’s critical that your images stand out to get you into those auditions. So many company auditions are entry by submission only now! I know that about 70 – 80% of our clients are getting in and are being seen because I make sure to walk dancers through our process of how to achieve excellent results in front of the camera. Good marketing leads to career success; we see it over and over again here at the studio.

We’ve nailed down these suggestions, all of which dancers are using to get into auditions:

1) – Test out the side you perform a movement or pose on for the camera then choose which is best. You’d be surprised that about 50% of our clients think their better side is their right side when actually it’s the left (or vice versa)!!! Very often dancers will think their best leg is the leg that has the most extension, but in reality sometimes one must compensate other things is to make that happen. Go for where your legs and upper body both have good lines, an extra 6 inches of height is not going to matter to a director if your energy or line isn’t good!

2) Time-tested images with emotion and what we call “face” around here always have a stronger reaction from viewers. Do not leave that part out of your images! I really know how hard it is to control everything for the camera in just the right combination of adjustments for the camera.  But I think it’s just so imperative to go for a shot with a level of performance in it. That really has not only more of an impact but will give the people looking at your images an idea of your range and how you might read on stage. Is this hard in a photo studio? You bet. It’s not a stage and we are going for as close to perfect as we can get with your audition photos. But take the extra time it takes to really make your movement or pose come “alive.” Trust me, it’ll serve you well.

3) Choose your leotard wisely. You will be surprised at how different an image can be with two different leotards!! Not just the color and cut to even out your proportions but really choosing a long sleeved leo over a spaghetti strap, mesh or cut out backs can really change how long or short your arms look in proportion to your legs!! We don’t want a leotard that takes you over and hides you, but we also don’t want something that has a cut that is going to distract from the pose and your lines. Check out our
leotard guide for more suggestions on how to go about picking the best one for you.

I hope that helps guys. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to
drop me a line, or if you are interested in booking a shoot, give us a holler! We really want to make sure that you have the images and videos you need that lead you to a job.  

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Robyn Jutsum

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