Dancers: Bring Your X Factor to Dance Auditions

So much going on for everyone right now… rehearsing, auditions, classes, auditions and more auditions…

Too often we caught up in the ‘DOING’ of it all.. working technique, sewing endless shoes, learning new choreography, sending out email inquiries… Are you remembering who you are ‘BEING’?

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Who are you, as a dancer and as a person, for the companies and audiences you want to work with?

Of course, directors are looking at your technique, line, turns and jumps etc.  But when I talked to a few dance company directors recently a common thread of conversation was about personality. They are looking for dancers who are great to work with and have a certain quality and personality that will fit into different roles and shine on stage.

Do you know who you are as a dancer and what you bring to the table other than your physicality?

Are you a fiery dancer or a softer, dramatic dancer? Super versatile or a bright light on stage?

find your dance style

How would you describe yourself?

Now ask yourself, honestly, are you bringing that ‘person’ to each audition? Are you ready to turn on your ‘It’ game, regardless of what kind of day you’ve had?

Be Who You Are – And Bring It with You

20 years ago I was right there. I was doing auditions while living/training in Koln, Germany. We (a few friends and me), blindly went from city to city taking classes and doing what open auditions we found in listings (this was before the internet explosion, emails, smart phones and apps, if you can imagine a world without?!).

We did have a great time traveling but it was without much success in gaining contracts. Back then, the best way to be seen (and how most of us achieved success) was to park yourself in a city and try to take as many company classes as you could, or get an ‘extra’ contract with a company to fill out a particular production. That way the director and Bmaster/mistress had some time to see not just technique but who you really were and if you were a fit for their company and productions. And that’s exactly how we all ended up working!

But it’s often different today…

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If you are not bringing your ‘Being’ (personality, intentions and your own personal X factor), into all your interactions with companies right from the beginning, you could be missing out on the jobs you want!

Let’s Find Your X Factor

I’ve set aside 5 complimentary phone consultations time slots in the next 3 weeks.  If you’d like to have a chat about your audition process shoot me an email now before the slots fill up!

What Clients are Saying…

I am not sure if I told you, but I ended up dancing for Ballet San Jose, with Jose Manuel Carreno as the artistic director this season. Your photos were a huge part of the whole process. So thank you again!
– Emma Powers

The audition went GREAT by the way! Thanks so much for helping me prepare for it! – Cara Certosimo

Summer Session Audition Shoots

We are now booking audition shoots for those out of town dancers coming to NYC for summer intensives.  If you will be auditioning in the 14/15 season and want to get a head start on the process, drop me a line. There’s nothing I love more than to see dancers set up powerfully for their auditions with the tools and images they need to get those contracts.

Dancer Photos: Photo 1: Emily Abrom; Photo 2: Taylor Massa, Ka’imi Ka’imi Cambern, Rebecca Reeves, Jenna McKoy; Photo 3: Emma Benja

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