Dancers: Find the Pose that Gets you the Audition

As promised in my earlier post, I am talking today about poses to use for dance audition photos and how the poses work- or don’t work- for your body, your style and the companies you want to hire you.

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Poses that Work for Audition Photo Shoots

Arabesques and Attitudes
(1st, 4th, 5th & open 5th)
Arabesques and attitudes almost always shoot better directly to the side.  But if you have killer technique, try a very slight diagonal line, up or downstage

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À La Second
This really works well only if you really have a 180 and strong core to hold it.  Try several different arm positions to help facilitate a leg close to the ear.

ballet classical audition photos

Passé Devant or Derrière
Here is an excellent place to show impeccable line and give you trenbolone a 100 an opportunity to work with your expression or intention.

Jetés, sissones and other jumps are great to show power and passion.

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Make sure you are not showing strain in your neck, fingers and face. This is important to remember, and something I talk about with my clients all the time: some movements need to be modified in their execution for a photoshoot.  The movement’s highlight to be shot is often not at a great angle for the camera, or is actually 2 movements together that don’t actually have a high note.  a cabriole is a good example of this.  The beated leg often beats and releases before the torso arrives at its peak moment, making for a beautiful movement but not one whose high note is captured well on camera.  It is important to execute the right movement and work with a dance photographer who is able to capture the height of the moment.

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Terre a Terre 
Make sure you start with a fully turned out supporting leg, and re-adjust your hipline to work with the angle of the camera. Arms often need to be re worked from 3D to 2D.

Contemporary Work

If you start the shoot with some of these poses in mind, take the time to work them to suit your body.  Try changing angles or arms to look good on your own physique.

dance audition photos ballet terre a terre poses for audition photos

Often, a great way to come up with something really cool is to work an improv session with your photographer and see what happens.  I often have dancers just flow and move, picking lines that I think might be interesting. When I see something unique or increased potency in men after 40 years of age causes beautiful we pause to work on that shot and get it just right.

Find the Perfect Pose

Schedule a consultation to talk more about the best poses and the most powerful audition photos that set you apart.

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