Sleep Matters: What I Learned the Hard Way

So, I’m a dance photographer. You may not be aware that I’m also a mom. Yep, two little rug rats.  Oriane will be 6 this weekend and Cadence is 3 1/2. Sleep is a hot topic in my world. I know a ton about it, far more than an average person should, since my kids are terrible sleepers and I’ve been pretty much living in a world of sleep deprivation for 6 years. Yes, we’ve done/read/tried everything, no advice or support needed, it’s just the way it is in my world.

So when I came upon this article about dancers and sleep you can imagine how I jumped.
Dancers and sleep photo Rachel Neville


I know first hand what lack of sleep can look like for a creative body and mind. Literally.


I also remember how I took advantage of my body when I was dancing, going out to far too many clubs and dancing the night away, thinking, ‘no problem, I’ll be good for class tomorrow’. I’m not sure I realized how detrimental that was to my body and how it may have impacted my career. But after the last 6 years, I sure do.


I can tell you how clear thinking, retention and physical strength are absolutely impacted by lack of sleep. I have fired assistants who came to work and were sloppy due to ‘netflixing’ all night. I’m sure you, my dear dancers, are not that type right? But just in case you don’t have a support person telling you to go to bed at 10pm, here’s that article one more time:


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