The best advice for dancers on marketing themselves, nailing auditions, finding your lines and much more.

Stand out. Be seen. Get auditions.


We know that this is more than JUST a photoshoot...

Through our proprietary methods of coaching and lighting dancers, we create moments that fully showcase your technique, line, and authentic artistry, but that’s not all — we can arm you with everything you need to build a diverse and creative portfolio, market yourself, and land auditions.

Creative Photoshoots

Audition Photoshoots

This is your chance to really STAND OUT! Creative shoots give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight the aspects of your technique and artistry that set you apart.

You’ve done the work, now it’s time to get the gig. We’ll show you exactly how, because we’re former dancers who have been there too. We’ll coach you to be confident in front of the camera AND the decision-makers come audition day.

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Exclusive video training series

Audition Training

In these webisodes, Rachel will give you the information you need to prepare for auditions, from culling your list and company research to resumes, auditioning abroad, etc.

Marketing Training

This series will teach you how to incorporate personal marketing into your strategy. This involves how to make an impact on social media and how to market yourself to the right companies. Watch the first two webisodes with more to come!

Dancing for the camera

These webisodes discuss being in front of the camera and getting the right shot. Learn how to work with your photographer to capture your movement at its peak from your lines to your jumps.