Dreaming in Chocolate & Other Accidental Inspiration

This next leg of the multi city job I’ve been working on this month is in San Fran.  And I have to ask: who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to have flights depart at 7am or earlier?  And further, who of us in our right mind (or not) thought it was ok to book them??

So here I am sitting on the plane after getting up at 4am on 3 hours of sleep (one has to leave extra time to get through security when you are packing a carry on full of photographic gear because you always get stopped for the full search), thinking about how I’m thoroughly over this corporate gig (though happy and grateful to have it), with every fiber of my body screaming to get out from behind the everyday work and back to what I really want to do… utilize all my free time and money on usless but really cool art projects.  Because I really have so much free time and money.

Someone asked me how all this travel has been affecting my work creatively… what a question!  My first response is to say it kills inspiration: the crazy hours to get all the shots in, travel time and post production galore.  There’s nothing going on in my head but delivering a great product for my client at the moment.

But then on further thought, I have to say that the pressure that is building up because of the lack of down time is being alieveated in the oddest ways: hour long laughing fits when I can’t sit at the computer any longer, and crazy dreams that just need to be shot and turned into art pieces… like floating through liquid chocolate and having my limbs melt into ribbons of it.  I feel a new project with dancers being created in and out of food coming on…

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