Empowered for Auditions: Dance Audition Photos in NYC with Claire Esielionis

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I had the pleasure of working with Claire Esielionis this past weekend.  She is due to start auditioning this year as she graduates from Pacific Northwest Ballet School.  She traveled down from New Hampshire with her parents to work with me for a day and we had so much fun.

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We had Viola, a trusted Makeup artist on board to cover up a black eye she sustained from an ‘accident’ at the National summer school (what we in Toronto call the NB of C).  Too bad the story didn’t involve some complicated lift in pas class, but instead a friend with a really heavy metal waterbottle!

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Her mom sent me the nicest note afterward: ‘Rachel, can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience you gave Claire yesterday.  To hear her feeling so empowered and free about herself as a dancer was such a gift..’
nyc dance photographer rachel neville ballet audition photos navy leotard
She went on a little more, but to have a dancer leave me on the road to auditions feeling empowered and free… man, that’s what it’s about! Well, that and getting some great shots.
sheer diaphanous ballet dancer photos rachel neville nyc dance photographer
Now is the time to start booking photo shoots and getting in the right frame of mind for auditions.  For more information on how to prepare, check out my Tips for Great Audition Photos Series or reach out to me with any questions that you have.  If you’re ready to book, do so quickly… the season is upon us!
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