Everything You Need to Know About Audition Photos: Starting Now

Ballet Audition Shots Rachel Neville
Didn’t it used to be August before back to school commercials reared their ugly heads on TV??  Is the economy in such a sad state that corporations are pushing the next season earlier and earlier?  Well, I saw my first ‘turn the channel, quick!’ ad last week and of course it got me thinking about my clients too… as professional students are heading towards the end of their summer programs I start to get more and more calls about audition photos.
So, I thought since my most popular blog post to date talked about what to wear for an audition shoot, I would expand the topic and share much of what I’ve learned over the last many years of shooting them.  Starting with this post and continuing into September I’ll be writing on topics such as: How to Prepare for a Shoot, What to Expect, More on What to Wear, What Directors are Looking For, Research To Do Ahead of Time, Poses That Work, Find What Looks Good on Your Body and much more.
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