Fall Leaves, Almond Butter & Art: What Inspires You?

Fall Leaves Photo

I was recently contacted by a student who was doing a school project on dance photography.  She asked some expected questions and others not so much.  I was surprised at my reaction to one question; she asked “what’s your inspiration?” which took me a little bit to think how to answer.

Of course there are the usual suspects like other photographers I have admired for a long time: Howard Schatz, Lois Greenfield, Avedon, David LaChapelle, and my current favorites RJ Muna and Gregory Crewdson.  Then there’s artists that inspire (a new project on the horizon and in the beginning planning stages inspired by the line drawing artist Escher), conversations with other artists, movies (all time fav movie The Matrix, something that inspired my assistant Sasha and I to do this video for Janusphere, have a peak here: )

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28854404]

I’ve been lately inspired much by my toddler daughter Oriane, the way she oohs or coos at the newest thing to come her way (this morning for example it was mom showing her how to get the lid off the almond butter container).  What would our world be like if we all stopped to wonder at the marvels around us, both simple and complex, everyday?

What inspires you??

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