Find My Leotard! Sneak Peek at My Leotard Buying Guide

A couple of Sundays in October I had the opportunity to work with several dancers in NYC and some wonderful dance wear companies to shoot for my leotard guide.  A big thanks goes out to all those who donated their time, I hope a good time was had by all and that you enjoy your pics!

Thank you also must go to the companies who offered their garments: Bodywrappers, Chaccot by Freed of London, Grishko, Gaynor Minden and of course Yumiko!

Here is a little taste of what is to come, to receive the link to the full guide when it’s complete please send us an email.
grishko black leotards sleeve styles short sleeve spaghetti strap
This is Yui Sugawara, a dancer with Ellison Ballet.  With Yui’s longer torso and wider shoulder to hip ratio, we had two things to consider.  In this picture of Grishko  leotards we see that the shoulders look more in balance with the pretty spaghetti strap leo rather than the short sleeve (this is going to hold true with short sleeves, long sleeves or cap sleeves for Yui).
high neck red yumiko leotard color block leotard gray purple color block
In this second picture of two Yumiko leotards, we can see that for a long torso, a spit in color has the effect of cutting her body, visually shortening her torso.
yumiko bodywrappers red purple wine leotards thin straps and off shoulder leotards
The third photo of Yui shows her in three leotards: a Gaynor Minden in red, a Gaynor Minden in aubergine and a Bodywrappers in wine.  Here, we can see that the narrower strap pulls her shoulders in line and the higher the leg line the longer her body seems to look.
For the full Leotard Buying Guide, which includes discussions of many other body types, cuts, color, leg height and what styles work best for your body type, sign up here!
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Here is a shot of Yui in her favorite leotard, the Yumiko Marieke.  
Yumiko Marieke leotard purple


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