Fitness Marketing Guide: Now is the Time to Jumpstart Your Fitness Business

Ok guys, summer is here… no more procrastination!  Let’s get on to producing the marketing that is going to drive your business and get you clients.  We have about 6 months before the New Year’s rush.  That makes this summer the perfect time to start getting set up with a marketing plan that is going to play out and pay out in the long run.

Here’s a peek at my Fitness Marketing Guide that will get you up and running quickly.  Want the full 8 page copy?  Send me a note and I’ll send you the link to your own copy.
Rachel Neville Fitness Photographer Fitness Marketing Guide

Fitness Marketing Guide: Sneak Peek

Marketing doesn’t have to be Crap-Crappity-Crap, and can even be fun if you switch your thinking just a little bit! Let’s take the work ‘Marketing’ out of it and substitute the phrase: Locating the people who could benefit from your services, your offering, your gift of knowledge and time. Think of this: that person whose life you could change may not be able to do so unless you find him or her and offer your services.

It’s that simple. Locating your clients = changing/affecting lives.

First, consider a few points:

1) Who are your ideal clients?

Who do you want to teach?

What type of client would make your socks roll up and down each day (or for the most part) to help? How old are they, what do they look like, what do they do for a living, how much income do they have, are they new to yoga or are they die-hards?

What are they looking for in their classes?
Where do these clients you want hang out? Where do they spend most of their time?

These are super important questions to answer. For example, you will target differently, say, my father who is 70 years old and has a bad back due to sitting most of his life in front of a computer and now realizes he needs to move (and has the time and money to do so), than say, myself, an ex-dancer working mom of 2 who is very short on time but desperate to move her body when she can

Fitness Marketing Plan: What Happens Next?

Are you ready to get your fitness marketing started?  Contact me by June 30th and I’ll give you a 10% discount on a fitness marketing photo shoot this summer.
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