For Dancers: Reclaiming Your Resources

There are so many moving parts in a career as a dancer. Especially when you’re dealing with branding, networking, and most importantly, the ongoing challenge to push boundaries in your technique, your artistry, yourself. That is a lot to hold yourself accountable for.

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But, what I’ve found to be shocking is:

a) the lack of consistent and quality resources available to young dancers and professionals


b) how few dancers take advantage of the resources that are available

That being said, I am so passionate about helping dancers find their way confidently, and I want to do what I can to help get you the jobs you want. I know I sound like a broken record here, but let’s keep fighting to eradicate the concept of the “starving artist” and start embracing what YOU bring to the table. This is a raw and vulnerable profession, so you might as well lay it all on the line and put your best foot forward.

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One of the ways we’ve talked about doing so is through your marketing. Yes, it’s becoming a totally basic concept, yet the number of dancers who don’t have the tools or the knowledge to market themselves well is too many. Dancers are smart and ambitious, so I want to encourage you to use your smarts and ambition to your advantage and reclaim your resources!

Everyone and their mother uses social media to play up their accomplishments. But marketing yourself does go beyond the surface of your Instagram feed, and over the past year, I’ve worked with my team to really develop some strong guidance on this topic. This information found its home on the Dance Pro Portal which we are now expanding to reach everyone.

So I wanted to re-introduce you to the resources we offer: video tutorials, downloadable content, tips and tricks, etc. Our marketing guide is an excellent starting point. It takes on several of the topics we discussed on the portal and is now available on the blog. We cover everything from the keys to good networking to developing your brand.

You can read the full scoop here, and I encourage you to explore what resources are out there and as always, reach out with any questions you might have. If we can help you with anything or if you need to book a photo or video shoot, drop us a line. You can email us at, DM us on Instagram, or reach out through our contact form.

With August just around the corner, now is a great time to refocus your energy towards your goals and strategy for the coming audition season. So, as summer projects and intensives wind down, start looking ahead to what you hope to accomplish, and let’s work together to make it happen!

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Robyn Jutsum

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