Get Serious about your Audition Photos

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It’s audition season, my dancer friends!  That means that your years of training are coming down to it.  This is the time to do the research, make your preparations and get yourself fully confident when you walk through that door.

Do you have your plan?

Learn what to wear, how to prepare and how to work with a photographer to get the audition photos you need for the jobs you want.

Consider these tips

1. Understand how directors make their decisions. Thanks to insight from Neuroscience we now know that our synapses fire nano-seconds before we make a choice or an action.  Knowing this, we recognize that our brains make decisions for us so it is even more important to get your image out there the way you want artistic directors and choreographers to see you – the way they need to see you to envision you as a part of their company or production.

Email or post your pictures in advance of auditions.  Getting your self out there as often as possible and showing yourself to your best light will give you a leg up.

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2. People work with those they know, like and trust.  Do you present yourself this way? Do you hang back, get in their face or provide just the right mix of personality for the company you are going after?

If you aren’t sure the type of dancer they like to work with, do your research and get in touch with someone from the company to arm yourself with the knowledge you need.

3. Make sure your images are the best possible representation of you and what you can do. One amazing shot is going to go so much further in showing who you are than a multiple mediocre shots. Knowing what we do about the science of decision making and how people choose who they want to work with, get ready to show them your best!

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Work it!

When your images work as hard as you, your audition photos set you above the crowd.  You worked hard to get this far, now let’s make your images work hard for you to help land the jobs with the companies you want.


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Book it!

Book a shoot, book a job… ’tis the season, my friends!  Contact me now.

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