Get Your Arabesque Audition Ready

It’s dance audition season, so here are a few tips for getting your best arabesque shot.
arabesque anthony ashley photo rachel neville
1) Start with placing your supporting leg where you want it, with as much turnout as you can.
2) Find the arm line that suits you best: often it is a good idea to shoot 3 or 4 photos with different arms to see what works before you fine tune.
3) Don’t neglect the back foot and fingers! Feel your energy from toe to toe, finger tip to finger tip.
arabesque gianna caridi
4) You need to be specific in you facial expression. This goes a long way to describing your personality to the viewer.  Decide what energy you want to project, then go for it.
5) Make sure to find a dance audition photographer who has the eye of someone who knows how to look for and adjust your line.  What you see in 3 dimensions in the studio and on stage doesn’t always translate perfectly to the flat 2 dimensions of the screen or the printed page.
arabesque image Ainsley Sorenson. photographer Rachel Neville
For some more audition-ready arabesques, jump over to Facebook page, where we are celebrating Arabesque Week!
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