Happy Holidays!

2017 is wrapping up, and in preparation for the new year, we need to remind ourselves to embrace the holiday spirit with some rest and relaxation. There are only a few weeks before auditions get underway so spend time with friends and family and nourish your body and mind. Now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year but also to reflect on where you are in the moment. Hit the reset button to start anew or ride the high of reaching a goal you’ve worked so hard to attain. To those of you in the midst of shows, merde and happy Nutcracker-ing! And to everyone, happy holidays!

We cannot wait to share with you all the exciting things in the works so stay tuned! More details in the coming weeks, and in the meantime, keep an eye out for tips on regrouping after the holidays, conditioning for auditions, and some of the resources available.

If you have questions for Rachel, about her process, or are interested in booking a shoot, please send an email to info@www.rachelnevillestudios.com, visit www.www.rachelnevillestudios.com , and be sure to follow @rachelnevillephoto on Instagram and Facebook.


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