Happy New Year! Tips for Effective Video


Something that we are jumping into! We started offering video services when we realized dancers were not always able to access high quality video content. More and more companies are pre-screening with their photo and video submissions, so they are more important than ever before! Check out which companies are adopting the new pre-screening guidelines here.

Some tips for working your video:

  • Studio footage is preferable over hard-to-watch performance content

  • Make sure that your camera is at waist level height or lower for your variations.

  • It’s often necessary to shift the spacing of your variations to look good flat on a screen. When possible we want to shoot the variations in one take, so you may have to avoid the downstage corners of the studio for the best lines.

  • Test your legs to see how far along the diagonal for barre work you should shoot. Everyone’s body is a little bit different, and different lines will read differently on camera.

  • Watch the lighting in the studio. It’s important that the directors see not only your variations and body lines but also have an opportunity to see your face and expression.
    *Top-down lighting (overhead lights) or back lighting (windows behind you as your main source of light) are often best avoided.

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Dancer: Zion Walker

Cheers to 2019 and all the possibilities a new year poses!

Let’s make this YOUR year!

Robyn Jutsum

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