How Do I Make My Dance Audition Photos Stand Out?

So we are about 6 weeks into the dance school year and now is the time that many pre-pro and newly pro dancers are starting to think ahead about audition marketing. In another 3 months (orsooner!) you’ll need to have your dance audition package ready to go.  Now is the season when I field many emails and calls regarding appointments, rates and options. I’m always so pleased to be working with dancers in advance, but here’s a question I would love to hear more  often from you all:

“How do I make my audition photos stand out in the sea of applications dance companies receive?”

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m all about dancers beginning to brand themselves and stepping it up in marketing. The investment of time, energy and yes more than likely a little bit of money (not going to sugar coat that, quality images and video packages cost a little bit but are worth the investment) makes all the difference. Like so many of my clients have attested to, really good pictures and video can get your foot in the door.  They get you noticed where you want to be seen.

Purple leotard  Yumiko ballet dance audition photos

So, how do you do that? Of course, I have some tips.

1) Make sure you shoot with a photographer who knows line and technique.

You need someone who will not let small little details go. Those small details will be noticed by company directors. They make or break your shots, so your photographer should be able to pull those details out of you.

ballet dance audition photos no tights modern classical rachel neville

2) Shoot in a style that suits your personality and dance presence.

If you are an elegant, sophisticated, nuanced dancer, create that mood and evoke that feeling with the photo background, lighting and styling choices. If you are bright and bubbly, create that in the dance photography studio. Shooting on a white background is not for everyone, but neither is a black or a grey background right for every dancer.

dance audition photo tip rachel neville show personality dance presence

3) Remember that variety is important.

Give the dance company directors something interesting and eye catching to look at. Imagine sending in 3 shots: an arabesque, a jump and a contemporary shot. Imagine the difference if they are all done in the same leotard on the same background with the same lighting.

background tips prop tips for dance audition photos rachel neville

Now imagine those same shots done with different backgrounds, different leotards and perhaps different lighting. Are you giving the audience/directors a peak at your versatility and making your image interesting for them to connect with, or are you giving them something boring or not memorable?

4) Use facial expressions.

I don’t really need to say more, right? But you would be surprised at how much of an afterthought facial expression often is. Or how often dancers think they are giving it and how little is actually there.

dance audition photo tips use facial expressions rachel neville

5) Always, always, always shoot one ‘killer’ shot.

These are the dance photos you can’t stop looking at when you are going through your proofs or when you are looking at the screen during a shoot.

killer dance audition photos be bold rachel neville

If everyone, including the photographer, keeps coming back to a shot, you know you’ve got something special that is going to catch eyeballs.

Ready to catch some eyeballs?

Give me a shout, fall time slots are booking up!

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