How I Got The Shot: Contrast and Drama

We’ve been so locked into bright beauty lighting with our work for Move The Vote that I wanted to take a moment do something different. With this setup, I took a step away to do something that had a little more contrast and an air of drama.

Paul C Buff lighting set up, rachel neville photography lighting, how I got the shot

For our main light, we used a Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 head in a medium Chimera softbox with a 40 degree grid boomed upstage and overhead of the dancer.

The highlight is a Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 in a 7 inch reflector with a 30 degree grid.

For the background, we used a 9 foot seamless Savage Primary Red paper. A quick reminder that if using paper, you should store them vertically and rolled tightly. And, as is often the case for my studio, we tend to tape down the paper to prevent dancers from tripping. You can read more about the different types of backgrounds, including paper, you might run into here.

I want to continue showing you these behind the scenes shots so you can get ideas of what to do in your own shoots. Send us your own shots, share them in our Facebook group, and please feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have.

I know you guys have been waiting for us to finalize our 2019 workshops dates, and I’m so stoked to share not only those dates but also that we will be offering more advanced workshops for those of you who are clamoring for more after attending previous workshops! You can find more information our workshops here.

Robyn Jutsum

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