How I Got The Shot: Madeline Glinski

Hey guys!

Happy Summer everybody! Midsummer is one of our busiest seasons of the year! We have been shooting nearly every day since the beginning of May and have had so many wonderfully creative dancers come through the studio in the last few months.  

In this shot, we have a dancer who has worked with me before and wanted to book another shoot to play with some fun creative and editorial looks! To keep things fresh for her, we have been experimenting with mixing multiple different light sources in one shot. By playing with mixing natural light, strobe, gels, LEDs, tungsten, blacklights, and even cell phone flashlights, we were able to mix and match to get some really fun stuff! The team and I loved the resulting aesthetic, so I grabbed a quick behind the scenes shot to breakdown and share with you guys!

Behind the scenes shot of Madeline Glinski getting her headshot taken by Rachel Neville

In this shot we’ve got two Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 strobes, two Dracast LED lights, and two reflectors (one is your standard silver/gold foldable reflector, and the other is a white/silver card on the white side). For our main light we’ve got the 22” Paul C. Buff beauty dish with a 30° grid, and our highlight is a Chimera Super Pro X Medium Strip Softbox with a 40° grid. Our two Dracast LED lights (LED1000 over the dancer’s right shoulder and LED500 over the dancer’s left shoulder) are there to give a kick of warm color and highlight in her hair and on her shoulders. We added the reflectors to gently fill the shadow under her chin, and to add a touch of fill and warmth to the left side of her face.

If you guys have worked with mixed light we’d love to see some of your shots! 

Full Gear List:

  • Nikon D5
  • Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Lens
  • Tether Tools tether cord, and TetherBlock on camera
  • Tethered into Capture One Pro on an Eizo CS270 Monitor
  • 2x Paul C. Buff Einstein 640
  • Dracast LED1000, and Dracast LED500
  • Paul C. Buff 22” Silver Beauty Dish with 30° grid
  • Chimera Super Pro X Medium Strip Softbox with 40° grid
  • Avenger C Stands, Medium Roller, and Mini Boom for beauty dish
  • Savage 4’ Paper in Bone
  • 2 beautiful assistants


I want to continue showing you these behind the scenes shots so you can get ideas of what to do in your own shoots. Send us your own shots, share them in our Facebook group, and please feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have.

I know you guys have been waiting for us to finalize our 2020 workshops dates, and I’m so excited to share not only those dates but also that we will be offering more advanced workshops for those of you who are clamoring for more after attending previous workshops!


Stay tuned to our social media for when we announce the workshop dates!

Renee Lee

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