How I Got The Shot: Paloma Garcia-Lee

Happy Spring everybody!  Spring… the season of rebirth!  Spring is always such a fun and refreshing time at the studio.  We’re booked solid with super fun creative and portfolio building shoots.  One of which in particular I thought that you guys would be super stoked on!

We had the absolutely stunning gorgeous angel of a human Paloma Garcia-Lee in the studio a few weeks ago for a phenomenal morning of creating content.  We had been struggling to coordinate both of our extremely busy schedules (she is a Broadway actress, working on a television series, a film, taking dance classes every day, you get the idea!).  We were so excited that we were both able to carve out some time to get into the studio and play!! I thought that this was a really fun lighting set up with a cool final result, so I wanted to grab a wide shot so that I could share this HIGTS with you guys!

Lighting and equipment settings for a behind the scenes shot of dancer Paloma Garcia-Lee on set by Rachel Neville Photography
Paloma Garcia-Lee

We are so glad that you guys have been enjoying this HIGTS series!  Let us know what photos on our Instagram that you’d like to see broken down and analyzed!  We’re thinking of starting a YouTube series breaking down our shots… what do you guys think?!

Renee Lee

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