How to Keep Fitness Trainer Clients When the Gym Empties Out

We all know the story, whether we are fitness trainers or not.  Even people with the best intentions break their resolutions by the time February rolls around.  And while it’s not unexpected, it can leave trainers, yoga instructors and other fitness professionals scrambling to meet goals and to keep their own momentum going through the winter.

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To keep clients coming back to you, you need to let them know the value that you are bringing to them, as well as the experience that you offer in a way no one else can.  Just like you needed to help your clients develop an understanding of who you are and a level of trust in you and what you can do for them in order to get them as clients in the first place, you need to continue to reinforce that trust to keep them as clients over time.

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Last week I touched on a similar topic for professional dancers.  Once they have a contract with a dance company, many dancers feel like their commitment to marketing themselves can stop.  This is not the case.  To build and nurture a growing career, a professional dancer has to be constantly aware of what they are communicating about themselves, how they are communicating it and who they are communicating to.

The same is true for trainers and other fitness professionals.  Even if your clients came to you for the first time as part of a New Year’s resolution, there is still a reason why they chose you.  You built trust with them and you showed them your value as a trainer.

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Continue to keep that trust and to make your clients want to stay with you as their fitness instructor both through the work that you do with them and by keeping up your own commitment to marketing your services the right way.

In the coming weeks here on the blog, I will be talking about more tips for how to stay committed to your marketing.

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