How to Prepare Your Studio for a Fitness Photo Shoot

It’s that time of year when we start doing a lot of yoga, Pilates and gyro tonic studio shoots.  I just love working with these types of clients… call it the endorphins, call it the lifestyle, but you guys are some of the nicest and most positive people on our planet.

We talk about marketing quite a bit on this blog, but today I wanted to give you a quick 101 on what I always recommend you do to actually prepare for a fitness photo shoot in your studio.
fitness photo rachel neville pilates
Ann Toran, Owner/Founder Pilates Reforming New York
This list of helpful tips can be accomplished in the days leading up to your in-studio fitness photo shoot:

Clean your space

Just like the spring cleaning gurus suggest, the less clutter the better.  Almost every time we go in to shoot a studio space, we take out almost  everything (with the exception of large equipment) and only bring it back in when we feel like it helps the space.  The less you have in your space the larger, more inviting it looks.
pilates reforming new york
Pilates Reforming New York, Studio Photo by Rachel Neville

Think about your marketing plan before the photo shoot

What types of shots do you need to help advance your marketing plan?  Do you need full space shots, tight equipment/gear shots, closeups of body parts working as well as full lengths, candid photos or behind the scenes shots?

Consider your overall color scheme

Choose styles and clothing according to your color scheme and in service of the overall image you aim to create.  Select clothing not only looks good on your subjects but conveys the feeling of what it’s like to come through that door and work with you, in your space.
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