How to Write a Resume and More Career Tips: Audition and Marketing for Dancers Episode 3

Episode 3 of my Audition and Marketing for Dancers video series is a slightly longer video because it is a particularly important topic for dance career success and I have a lot of advice to share with you.

career planning series for dancers rachel neville

Watch Episode 3 NOW

In Episode 3, we tackle resume tips.  This is one of those important topics that so many of you have questions about and I am excited to provide you answers to your questions to help you communicate all of your hard work and accomplishments in a way that helps to get you the job that you want.

Watch the episode to learn how to create an effective dance audition package, including tips on how to put your resume together, dos and don’t dos of audition photos and videos and more!

I hope you find this video helpful.  As always, please contact me with follow-up questions.  It is my privilege to help guide you through your dance career and it is my joy to share my knowledge with every one of you.


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