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We’ve continued to play with more creative projects here in studio and beyond, and something that has become increasingly apparent is that dancers want to know more about makeup and hair. What can I expect from a professional shoot? What should I do to prepare? What products should I use? How should I do my own makeup for auditions?


Dancer and Model: Sarah Scandrett | MUA: Alena Bankovska

When entering a shoot, hair and makeup can be a huge factor and even intimidating. A few years ago, Alyssa Lorraine, a makeup artist here in NYC, wrote a guest post all about why you need a pro at your shoot. There are already so many places you as the dancer are focusing your attention and having a professional hair/makeup artist there helps alleviate some of that stress. And because they are pros, they know how to set your makeup to suit the tone of the shoot.

Though dancers  think so much about their feet, lines, port de bras, etc, the right makeup can elevate an already great picture, and it can’t be overlooked. We caught up with Katie Purdy, Amanda Markoya, and Tiffany Reeder, three of the fantastic artists who have helped put together some of our beauty and creative shots, and they shared their top tips.

Dancer and model: Kaeli Ware | MUA: Katie Purdy

Before your shoot…

  • Katie (@purdynycgirl) and Amanda (@amandamark) both recommend that you come with a fresh, clean, moisturized face devoid of even mascara
  • Tiffany Reeder (@tiffany.m.reeder) points out that if you’re having your hair done, come with your hair fully dried
  • Communicate to the artist if something makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious like a blemish you want covered, eyelashes that pinch when you blink, etc.
  • The same goes for any sensitivities or allergies.
Dancer: Lee Melton | MUA: James Milligan

Audition Makeup…

Dancer: Kennedy Roese
  • Aim for a clean look
  • Katie suggests a multi-purpose product like highlighter or a multi-use stick for blush, lids, and lips
  • Tiffany starts with natural shadows first before darkening
  • Waterproof mascara is a must
  • Spray hair pins with hairspray before putting them in your hair to make them stay in place longer!
  • Amanda’s must haves for auditions:
    • Under eye concealer
    • Brow gel (tinted for girls, clear for guys)
    • A little blush or bronzer if you’re feeling washed out

Amanda’s and Tiffany’s Product Recommendations
Sephora can give you recommendations and even put together mini samples of  a couple different products that might work best for you to try.

  1. Ben Nye Final Spray
  2. Urban Decay’s eyeshadow potion primer
  3. Makeupforever’s pore fuller primer
  4. Too Faced’s hang-over setting spray
  5. Red by Kiss root straightener

Have fun, be open-minded, and trust the artists! They are the pros after all.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help make the prospect of hair and makeup a little less daunting.

If you have any questions concerning makeup or hair, reach out to us or connect directly with these phenomenal pros.

Check out one of our creative beauty shots in action with MUA James Milligan:

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