Loving Your Job- Even When It's Just A Day Job

I was shooting with the beautiful Kelly Sheerins a couple of weeks ago.  Kelly, a Rockette, is building her portfolio and looking to branch out into other projects this year.

Like so many other dancers in this city, she earns secondary income in the fitness world.  Pilates/gyrotonics/personal training is often perfect for supplementing income and offering a flexible schedule.  Kelly mentioned to me that she books her clients first thing in the morning and later in the day to leave her schedule open for taking class and being available to audition on a moment’s notice… To me, anyone that gets up before 5am by choice is crazy, but really don’t we all get a little crazy in pursuing what we love?

I was struck by what that second job has to offer dancers.  It’s a way of helping other people to enjoy moving their bodies and their energy flowing- to give a little of what they themselves give their lives over to everyday.

One of the things that I appreciate most about my job, is that I get to help people achieve what they are seeking and do it in a way that keeps me doing what I love.

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